Stellar Transformation

Status: Dropped due to too many translators translating the same chapters. 

Stellar Transformations (星辰变) by I Eat Tomatoes (我吃西红柿) is a collaboration project that I am currently working on with a couple other translators (Aequitas and Saima).

We decided to pick up where He-man and Jchen left.\
You can find volume 1 to 11 at here.
The rest of volume 11 could be found here.

I will be releasing my translations to this site first and then Aequitas will be posting them onto RWX's asap. If you guys are lazy about clicking around two different sites and don't mind reading the translation later, feel free to go to to read it.

Volume 11 Chapter 24 
Volume 11 Chapter 25 
Volume 11 Chapter 26 
Volume 11 Chapter 27
Volume 11 Chapter 28


  1. I only found chapter up to b11c13. where can I find b11c14 to b11c23?



  3. this is awsome also if you do what ren is doing on coiling dragon ring and make a if you want faster release's donate to $80 or something then once its there translate it like crazy (ren is getting around 240 a day doing that)