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My Father in Law is Lu Bu (我的岳父大人叫吕布) by Bro Got a Gun (大哥有枪)


My Father in Law is Lu Bu is the first novel by novelist Bro Got a Gun. It is an ongoing historical fiction novel published on, the most popular web novel website in China. Historical fiction novels have a couple sub-genres. My Father in Law is Lu Bu belonged to the sub-genre 'Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms Period.' My Father in Law is Lu Bu is ranked number 76 in the ongoing historical novels on It has 955 chapters and over 4 million characters.


Cosplayer Liu Mang accidentally cross through time and arrived at the Eastern Han Dynasty wearing Aries Gold Cloth. 
He arrived on top of the walls of Xiapi right when it was about to fall to Cao Cao. 
“Don’t kill me bro; I’m not working for boss Cao!” 
“Hey! You're slashing the wrong person! Boss Lu’s underlings are there! Not me!” 
He accidentally saved Lu Bu who was tied up by Song Xian. 
He accidentally became the son in law of Lu Bu. 
He accidentally changed the history of the Three Kingdoms period. 
When aluminum casted Gold Cloths are worn by generals like Zhang Liao and Gao Shun during the Eastern Han Dynasty, glistering on their bodies… 
When the soldiers in the camps are sporting mechanical crossbows… 
When crossbreeding of rice plants appeared on Lu Bu’s territory… 
Liu Mang knows that a world belonging to Lu is coming.
Special Chapter 0 - Liu Mang's Backstory
Chapter 1 - Disaster Brought Forth by a Name
Chapter 2 - Guys, We Are on the Same Side!
Chapter 3 - The Escape of Lu Bu
Chapter 4 - Death to Those Who are Discontent
Chapter 5 - Shooting of Palm in Xiapi
Chapter 6 - Formation Breaker
Chapter 7 - Breakthrough
Chapter 8 - Wrongly Kill Three Thousand
Chapter 9 - Home?
Chapter 10 - Death
Chapter 11 - Man From Heaven
Chapter 12 - Fifteen Thousand Dollars Worth of Buns
Chapter 13 - Boss Cao's Scheme
Chapter 14 - The Great Coax
Chapter 15 - The Flashy and Enticing Boss Lu
Chapter 16 - Look Your Sister
Chapter 17 - Got Sold
Chapter 18 - I, Lu Bu, Never Regret
Chapter 19 - Father
Chapter 20 - Wise Lord
Chapter 21 - Trapped in Kaiyang
Chapter 22 - Long Distance Surprise Attack
Chapter 23 - Too Big of a Joke
Chapter 24 - If We’re Going To Do It, Then We’re Going Big
Chapter 25 - Selling Gold
Chapter 26 - Big Transaction
Chapter 27 - Camaraderie Under the Setting Sun
Chapter 28 - Battle of Kaiyang (1)
Chapter 29 - Battle of Kaiyang (2)
Chapter 30 - Battle of Kaiyang (3)
Chapter 31 - Battle of Kaiyang (4)
Chapter 32 - Battle of Kaiyang (5)
Chapter 33 - A Turn for the Better (1)
Chapter 34 - A Turn for the Better (2)
Chapter 35 - Cavalry Cavalry
Chapter 36 - Casualties of the Cao Army (1)
Chapter 37 - Casualties of the Cao Army (2)
Chapter 38 - Fengxiao vs. Fengxian
Chapter 39 - Fengxiao vs. Fengxian (End)
Chapter 40 - The Wisdom of Crying
Chapter 41 - The Anticipated Meeting
Chapter 42 - Prince of Shu
Chapter 43 - To Or Not To Runan
Chapter 44 - Building An Army (1)
Chapter 45 - Building An Army (2)
Chapter 46 - Army March (MTL)
Chapter 47 - Father-in-Law? (MTL)
Chapter 48 - Father-in-Law? (2) (MTL)
Chapter 49 - I Am ME (MTL)
Chapter 50 - Renegade Traitor (MTL)
Chapter 51 - Lu Bu Starts To Change (MTL)
Chapter 52 - Assaulting The Mountain (MTL)
Chapter 53 - Liu Mang Become Bait (MTL)
Chapter 54 - Mountain Fortress Infiltration (MTL)
Chapter 55 - Bandit Brigade Retaliation (MTL)
Chapter 56 - Urban Army First Battle (1) (MTL)
Chapter 57 - Urban Army First Battle (2) (MTL)
Chapter 58 - Fight to the Death (MTL)
Chapter 59 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo (1) (MTL)
Chapter 60 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo (2) (MTL)
Chapter 61 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo (3) (MTL)
Chapter 62 - Deadly Battle with Chen Lan and Lei Bo (End) (MTL)
Chapter 63 - Xu Province Ownership Change (MTL)
Chapter 64 - Teach Me Martial Arts (MTL)
Chapter 65 - Selecting Weapons (MTL)
Chapter 66 - Intermission before crossing over to Xinye (MTL)
Chapter 67 - Luckless Boss Liu (MTL)
Chapter 68 – Plot concocting in Wan Castle, Lujiang (MTL)
Chapter 69 - Hunted by tiger (1) (MTL)
Chapter 70 - Hunted by tiger (2) (MTL)
Chapter 71 - Another Tiger??? (MTL)
Chapter 72 – The one who reign over tiger (MTL)
Chapter 73 - Into Tiger's Den (MTL)
Chapter 74 - Did we did the wrong thing? (MTL)
Chapter 75 - Mother's Flesh (MTL)
Chapter 76 - First Aid in Three Kingdoms's Era (1) (MTL)
Chapter 77 - First Aid in Three Kingdoms's Era (2) (MTL)
Chapter 78 - First Aid in Three Kingdoms's Era (End) (MTL)
Chapter 79 - Reaching Wancheng City (MTL)
Chapter 80 - War of Words (MTL)
Chapter 81 - Qualifications for A Hero (MTL)
Chapter 82 - Heroes in Your Heart (MTL)
Chapter 83 - Yuan Shu's Testament and Legacy (MTL)
Chapter 84 - Miss Yuan’s Imperial Seal as a Dowry; The Path of Princes or The Path of the Emperor (MTL)
Chapter 85 - A Worthy Drinking Adversary, Even One Thousand Cups is Not Enough (MTL)
Chapter 86 – Binge Drinking in Ancient Wedding Banquet (MTL) 
Chapter 87 – Fornicating with a Goddess (MTL)
Chapter 88 - Wedding's End (MTL)
Chapter 89 – There Is No Such Thing as Free Lunch (MTL)
Chapter 90 – Inevitable Battle With Huang Zu of Jiangxia (MTL)
Chapter 91 – The Precipice of Battle; Enter Huang Zhong (MTL)
Chapter 92 - Huang Zhong vs. Lu Bu (MTL)
Chapter 93 – Duel Conclusion; Who defeated who? (MTL)
Chapter 94 – Planning for Jiangxia's Downfall, Liu Mang Go Back to Present to Find Medicine (MTL)
Chapter 95 – Major Event in Jiangxia (MTL)
Chapter 96 – Huang Zhong is forced to Submit under Huang She's leg (MTL)
Chapter 97 – Command Transfer in Jiangxia's Army (MTL)
Chapter 98 – Lu Bu uses one of the 36 Stratagems (MTL)
Chapter 99 - Jiangxia's Destruction is Coming (MTL)
Chapter 100 - Jiangxia's Downfall (1) (MTL)
Chapter 101 - Jiangxia's Downfall (2) (MTL)
Chapter 102 - Sit Back and Wait for Result (MTL)
Chapter 103 – Liu Mang, A Hostage??? (MTL)
Chapter 104 - Reusing of Surrendered Generals (MTL)
Chapter 105 – The Beginning of an Event (MTL)
Chapter 106 – Plundering of Jiangxia by Sun Ce (MTL)
Chapter 107 – Breaking Wancheng City (MTL)
Chapter 108 – Da Qiao Declared as Dead (MTL)
Chapter 109 – Held Banquet for Lujiang Nobles (MTL)
Chapter 110 – Lu Bu is Regarded as a Beggar; All of Patriarch Eat Beggar’s Food (MTL)
Chapter 111 – Disastrous Event for Lujiang Nobles (MTL)
Chapter 113 – So What Is Wrong With Killing Them? (MTL)
Chapter 114 – Sun Ce Retreat Alone To Avenge His Losses (MTL)
Chapter 115 – Liu Clan of Lujiang Takes Refuge with Lu Bu (MTL)
Chapter 116 – Inventing Weapons and Gadgets for Battle to Come (MTL)
Chapter 117 – Each Sides Reaction to the Big Event in Lujiang (1) (MTL)
Chapter 118 – Each Sides Reaction to the Big Event in Lujiang (2) (MTL)
Chapter 119 – Sun Ce Begins His Counterattack (1) (MTL)
Chapter 120 – Sun Ce Begins His Counterattack (2) (MTL)
Chapter 121 – Sun Ce Begins His Counterattack (3) (MTL)
Chapter 122 – Sun Ce Begins His Counterattack (4) (MTL)
Chapter 123 – Extinguishing Fire in Wancheng City (MTL)
Chapter 124 – All Must Be Eliminated' The Extermination of Private Soldiers (MTL) 
Chapter 125 – Zhou Cheng's Heavy Infantry Troops; The "Black Flag" Moves (MTL)
Chapter 126 – The Urban Army V.S. The Black Flag (MTL)
Chapter 127 – The Urban Army Retreats (MTL)
Chapter 128 – The Last Stand (MTL)
Chapter 129 – The Black Flag is Defeated (MTL)
Chapter 130 – Drastic Changes; Wancheng City's Administration Office is in Danger (MTL)
Chapter 131 – The Bloody Administration Office (MTL)
Chapter 132 – Liu Mang and Co. V.S. Superclass General (MTL)
Chapter 133 – Beast-like Man (MTL)
Chapter 134 – Together We Live or Die (MTL)
Chapter 135 – Huang Xu Unleashes the Rapid Point-Shot (MTL)
Chapter 136 – Damned People Should Just Die! Huang Zhong Enters the Fray (MTL)
Chapter 137 – Wounded Cheetah VS Lion King (MTL)
Chapter 138 – Massacre of the Rebellious Nobles (MTL)
Chapter 139 – Reactions to the Massacre in Wancheng City (1) (MTL)
Chapter 140 – Reactions to the Massacre in Wancheng City (2) (MTL)
Chapter 141 – Sun Ce Makes His Move: The Manifesto (MTL)
Chapter 142 – Sun Ce Makes His Move (2) (MTL)
Chapter 143 – Sun Ce makes His Move (3) (MTL)
Chapter 144 – General VS General (MTL)
Chapter 145 – The Execution (MTL)
Chapter 146 – Su Fei's Burial (MTL)
Chapter 147 – An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth (1) (MTL)
Chapter 148 – An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth (2) (MTL)
Chapter 149 – Three Heroes VS Huang Zhong (1) (MTL)
Chapter 150 – Three Heroes VS Huang Zhong (2) (MTL)
Chapter 151 – Oxybeles Prototype Launched! (MTL)
Chapter 152 – The Siege Begins (MTL)
Chapter 153 – The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed! (1) (MTL)
Chapter 154 – The Danyang Soldiers Unleashed! (2) (MTL)
Chapter 155 - The Third Master of the Danyang Soldiers Appears! (MTL)
Chapter 156 - Sun Ce Joins the Fray (MTL)
A map of the provinces being mentioned in the story. –

A map of the places being mentioned in the story.


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