My Father in Law is Lu Bu - Special Chapter 0

My Father In Law Is Lu Bu - Special Chapter - Liu Mang's Backstory
Authored by bloodfalcon

Hi Everyone.

I believe I have not introduced myself before.

My name is Liu Mang. The styled name Hanyang was something that I think in the spur of times because that Lu Bu is asking for my complete identity when we are in Kaiyang. Dad named me Mang because he want me to be strong both in mental and physical with vast understanding of knowledge from near and far. Not a bad name, eh guys? As for Hanyang, I thought it is still Dynasty Han, so I use Han from Dynasty Han and Yang is character from “to support”, so the full meaning is to support Dynasty Han. Quite fitting right for the one who is fighting in the era of the end of Dynasty Han (wink, wink).

I came from Pizhou, which is Xiapi in Three Kingdoms timeline. Pizhou is located in the border of Xuzhou County or Xu Province in Three Kingdoms timeline and Jiangsu or Wu territory in Three Kingdoms timeline.

Now I am studying in Nanjing University which is quite near from my hometown Pizhou, only take 1 train for 2 hours. I am now beginning my second year of studying medicine and last month, I just finished my military service for 20 days. The drill sergeant was pretty nasty. My bones still hurting from those hellish training. Oh yeah, I am also a former champion in javelin throwing during my first year in Nanjing University. Dad want me to enroll in medicine because he want me to become cardiologist, he said “Cardiologists make good money, you need to think of your future, boy!!! Don’t be a poor guy like me!!!!!” I only nod silently at his unreasonable thinking because in my mind, I also agree with him even though I don’t like medicine but when I see our daily livelihood compared to Chen Yi’s and Chen Yu’s who managed a horse ranch, mine can be considered average.

My dad is an archeologist and my mom is a homemaker and I am a single son. Curse that 1 child policy of China. I have always wanted a little brother or sister to play with.

I am… what you called these days, “NERD” or “OTAKU” due to my biggest interest is reading anything with pictures and letters. I am good at math, good readers. So good it eclipses my achievement in javelin throwing.

My hobby is….. Please don’t laugh…. Is gardening. I love to garden, especially when I got some western vegetables and fruit even I have tried to grow my own paddy. But sadly it did not do too well, only can produce 1 month worth of meals for 3 months of growing it. Eh, at least it grows well right? If only the air and the soil is better, that goddamned smog is covering Pizhou and Nanjing daily

I have been fascinated by dad’s historical books since I am able to read, which around 5 years old. Dad is a big collector’s of books. His books varied from birth of nation like USA, countries in Europe, medicine from old yonder, weapons of old and new age including hot and cold weapons up to the latest one, philosophies from philosophers around the world, poems. Dad has been teaching me to recite every last of China’s poets’ poems in front of him, since middle school whenever he is at home.

Dad has been a very strict people in educating his boy, so I have been burdened dad’s very high expectation on my academic scores since I am in preschool.

Fortunately for me, I was blessed with photographic memory and strong analytic skill that can help me become star student in my elementary, mid and high school. But still, dad is very demanding and still call me stupid to this days.

Out of dad’s books, I am really fascinated by 3 kingdoms stories, I have been reading it over and over until I know all of the events in my head and can recite them verbatim. I often make some hypothetical scenarios using my own stratagems and thoughts in their politics.

There are 3 person that I admire the most from Three Kingdoms period from which Luo Guanzhong based his story. Top 2 were Gongsun Zan and Lu Bu as they both are great heroes and have great courage to defend their land from invaders. I have always have low opinion to the invaders from outer Great Wall. They are plunderers and history destroyers even though they produce Emperor Kangxi in Qing Dynasty. In my opinion, their sins are as high as those of King Jie of Xia Dynasty and King Zhou of Shang Dynasty. Back to those heroes, I think the only setbacks those heroes have, is they did not have long term plans to battle other warlords, lack of charm to attract talented people to help them reach their goals and because they are generals, they are looking for constant battle, which a very disadvantageous attitude in the lands riddled with war.

Being a scholar’s son, I can read a lot of books. I am a voracious reader, I read many strategies books from the one written by Jiang Jiya, Scipio Africanus, Hannibal of Carthage to the latest strategies books written by Nils Melzer. I often use their strategies to create a what-if scenario if Lu Bu or Gongsun Zan had their advantages and also their guile. I calculate, they will be unstoppable. But alas, it was not meant to be. Their fate is to be cut down when they are still saplings.

AUTHOR NOTE: Nils Melzer, a public figure of USA, he wrote TARGETED KILLINGS SERIES

The other heroes that I admire is Cao Cao. That man is a true visionary character. He has planned not only to reunite China but also to reshape it into a better place much like Oda Nobunaga of Japan.  That man did not have any problems on communicating his ideas to his followers. As a result, Cao Cao suffered the same treatment that Nobunaga being called a fool, a traitor and a shameless man who knows no virtues, but nevertheless his reformations were upheld by Jin Dynasty who were founded by  Sima family and by dynasties following them.

Regarding the other lords, or to be exact, the surviving other warlords from the battle of Hulao Gate, I don’t have quite good opinion about them.

Liu Bei, in my opinion, is a very calculative person and also an excellent actor. He can cry at will and referring to the train thoughts during the past age. It is said that if a man cry, then it is truly crying for the good of people and greater good. Why I said him a calculative person? This is because of various events that broke his image in my eyes, but the one in particular that readers might be familiar with is Battle of Changban. If that Liu Bei is truly good in his heart and not in his eyes, why he put the civilians of Xinye city at the rear with very light security causing great casualties to the civilians and also demonizing Cao Cao for killing civilians. The reward for civilians? His tears and show by throwing Liu Shan to the ground in order to provide show that he more valued his generals and by extend his citizens than his family. That for me, is not a healthy attitude for a soon-to-be ruler.

Also when I read his story from the book of Shu in Comprehensive History of Three Kingdoms (Sanguozhi), I found out that Liu Bei doesn’t have a clear vision and have no planning on his own after he unify the country also his psyche is very unstable. All that he did after throned as the first Emperor of Shu-Han is fighting Wu to avenge the death of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei while he should be running his country, fortifying defenses, raise your army into becoming strong and after that take your revenge. He literally drove his kingdom, the one that he started, prematurely to the grave. WTF, Liu Bei? You are destroying your lifework with petty revenge? How stupid you are?

It is much and much different when Xiahou Yuan was beheaded by Huang Zhong at Mt. Dingjun, although Cao Cao grieved him but he maintain his composure and kept his calm and kept building his forces. Finally he got his revenge by allying with Wu and invading Mai Castle and Sun Quan slayed Guan Yu. Killing with borrowed knife at its finest.

Regarding Sun Quan. My opinion is better than Liu Bei. He is a capable leader, but in my opinion, he is suited as a ministry of defense at best not as a leader of a country. His vision is not broad enough. With Sun Quan’s leadership after Chi Bi. None of those Wei and Shu-Han able to invade Wu and absorb his territory. He reinforced his natural defense strong, his people well-fed and his resources managed correctly.

He also instructs his general to stay on defense from any attack and convinced them that the best policy to live in these turmoil times is to be on defense and let the turmoil times passes. That is why during Sun Quan’s lifetime, he lived peacefully and died peacefully. His Wu kingdom started to collapse when his descendants fucking it up, acting like Liu Shan and eventually Wu kingdom also fall to Jin Dynasty overwhelming power.

Now, regarding the CD that I use. It is not actually a CD. It is an Out-of-place-artifacts (OOPARTS) with similar styling as Phaistos Disc but in gold colored with digital number, notification and switch on one side and mirror like side on its back. Dad found it during his expedition to Aztec’s ruins in Amazon. Due to charactereistics like that we called it CD. Dad and Chen Yi’s father used this CD in order to go back in time and study ancient civilization. Due to it is not used to change past but rather study it, dad and Chen Yi’s father did not suffer consequences like me. Even though like that, Chen Yi’s father sometimes pocketed gold dusts, gold ingots and even potteries from every age they visited. The best thing is, they are still intact, so they are sold in extremely high price in auction market. That kind of stunt helped his company back to its feet, turning Chen family into a rich family right now but it cost my dad’s friendship due to him violating their unspoken rule. 

Dad's and Chen Yi's father unspoken rule is to never take anything from the past. You only need to take some notes not things. Three times Chen Yi's father broke that rule and dad cutoff his friendship with Chen Yi's father.

TL: . If you not remember Chen Yi, go read chapter 1 of this novel

Meh, it is OK, I am still friends with Chen Yi. Chen Yi is a childhood friend of mine, she is even more otaku than any girls that I ever known. She even invited me into her anime and manga club as I am free, maybe out of pity as I am known as anti-social nerd. I actually wanted to join the librarian’s club, but Chen Yi kept forcing me, threatening to break any friendship with me. Heh, women. I gave up and join their club. My activities there, mainly just shut my mouth and reading my own books while sometime providing comments to any manga or anime they put out to discussion.

How did I get that Aztec CD so I can go back time? It is because that Chen Yi asked me to bring it with her. She lacked material to make Libra gold cloth for its shields and have no time to go to metalworks to build another one. So, even though the proportion is really different, she opted to use the CD for substitute. But when she chased me, she and me forgot all about the CD and when I was hit severely by the mass, suddenly it activated by itself and throw me into Xiapi. Talk about terrible luck, from shit to hell.

For Japanese manga, my fascination are Saint Seiya and Fist of North Star, one full of cool armors and a lot of transvestites and the other one is full manly manga. For Chinese one, I guess the Condor Heroes series, any of Tony Wong’s manhwa, will do.

I guess that is it about me and my own opinion. Hope you enjoy the rest of my story. Ciao


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    1. Really? Thanks though. It is my first time writing it

  2. although some parts needs to be questioned, for example how did liu mang even got that aztec disc? also what rule? not to take anything from the past? and in here are you implying that chen yi might have some interest to liu mang? also how is he a nerd if he knows how to be a javeline thrower which requires quite some strength??

    also wanna know some spoilers but did he really change history? or is it in an alternate timeline?

    1. He is always considered a nerd, due to he prefer to be in book companion rather than doing sport (JOCK)

    2. The first time when he go back, I presumed it is still original timeline.
      Second time with horses and javelins, timeline started to shift and penalty was imposed on him
      Third time with medicine and etc, timeline shifted again

    3. Actually I am unable to explain that, as it is NOT explained by author

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