Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Virtual World: Close Combat Mage (网游之近战法师) by Butterfly Blue (蝴蝶蓝)

Closed Combat Mage is a popular VR novel by author Butterfly Blue. It is completed with 971 chapters. 


A super martial arts user accidentally chose the profession of a mage. Having been used to using violence to curb violence, using strength to subdue strength, he could only make the best after his mistake and become a violent battle mage. 
When strength and magic combined, a new path was opened by him!
Fireball? Chain lighting? Frost cold ice lens....etc.
I came here to practice my martial arts!
What does magic have to do with me?! 


  1. Just curious if there are plans to continue this translation?


  2. Interesting. Wonder about the rest of the story

  3. Please... More... I want this novel... And thanks for this translation o/

    P.S. English is notmy native language.

  4. oh fuck this is it. Im already in love with this pleaaase focus on this one :D this could be a new lms.
    just totally different. i have always been looking for a novel with a magical swordsman, but i guess a mage martial artist is awesome too. I imagine the mc fighting a bit like natsu? :D

    well i hope you will translate more chapters of this one :D

  5. Would you mind me using your translations of this novel as a basis for a german translations? I would point out that I used your translations as a basis ofcourse.

  6. I want to machine translate this novel. Tell me if you're cool with that, of course I'll link your site in the first 4 chapters. Tell me if you're cool with that, thanks