Slaughter God

Status: Haitus, might pick up again. Author ended the story in a cliffhanger at chapter 200 due to low hits.

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (火树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)


With a pill, one could revive from the dead. With a talisman, one could overwhelm the universe. The boundless road. The perishing world. A young man with a lowly birth, one sword, one diagram, a cavity of hot blood! Dashing toward that magnificent world to strife against saints and men! Unyielding is my name, stubborn is my banner, fearing no adversity, continued persistence! In the future then it records, the slaughter of millions of gods!


  1. WOOO
    Thanks for the series James
    Much appreciated


  2. Will there be more chapters on this? Just my opinion, but I'm more interested on this one rather than Lu Bu. Anyhow, thanks for all your effort :)

  3. Really enchanted by this, it gives a similar aura to me like Desolate Era, Swallowed star and the romance, it seems like the romance will something like Zhu Xian full of tragedy.
    Anyway the novel seemed to very promising I hope you will release more of it soon.

  4. Is he still translating this ?

    1. I think he is, I mean to me personally this series has much more potential than 'My Father In Law..' Its quite thrilling and looks like the MC will be growing at a steady rate in a world where power is everything. Basically its got all the right elements.

    2. i think he dropped the original author also stopped writing after about 200 chapters so since there is no ending there isnt really a point in translating it either

  5. plz do next chapter soon slaughter god is very good so far
    thanks for chaps so far

  6. Please find it in your heart to bless us with at least a teaser of a chapter...