Lu Bu Chapter 174

Hi Guys

Chapter 174 or Chapter 177 in Gamer's translation

I promise to catch up with his MTL soon enough and will continue until the end.

Just look forward for some additional chapters courtesy by me as promised before by me and Krayto


  1. Why not work together?

  2. It is not that, I don't want collaboration. When I asked Gamer to collaborate, when he is still in around Chapter 179+, he said he did not want any collaboration with anyone as he said, he himself is enough. I can post the screenshot of my email to him here if you want. But that is the thing, and myself also not quite satisfied with his MTL, so I decided to continue it.

    1. Aww that's too bad. Strange how Gamer's being obstinate on who to pick this up then their calling out for someone to pick up the novel.

  3. I feel like reading different novel lol. Now i know why you also not quite satisfied.