Waifu ch 31

ch 31 of waifu is done

This is my 3rd regular release this week. Might have a fourth, who knows.

In the meantime.... car issue still fucked. Damned Mariano's dude in charge of security camera is never there. Called cops today to follow up, basically detective in charge told me unless they can get a good view of the guy keying my car, including a good face view, I'm out of luck....

Seems like I might have to pay 500 bucks out of pocket to fix my car...

In the meantime, I found this guy's information. Apparently dude is called Che H Chen, live in 3130 N Lakeshore Drive, Apt 1303, Chicago IL 60657. I'll look into sueing this guy in civil court.


  1. What happened between you guys though? Maybe you didn't give him face!? Or maybe... even worse... You got together with a hot girl!? As we all know, both of those are the leading causes of misfortune and/or death among all Chinese people.

  2. The other cause of leading death, asian drivers. One way parking lot, dude went past parking space, car from behind him pulled out, he placed his hazard lights on, I pulled in parking space. Dude said parking space is his since he put in hazard lights instead of turn signals. I'm like, wtf bro, wrong light and also you pulled too far in one way lane, so unless I let you to back out by backing out myself, you ain't gunna get this fcking space and there's a lot of space further away anyways. Dude got angry, left, came back and keyed my car.

  3. what an asshole! get proof then sue that bastard and claim your just rewards! :D