Slaughter God Ch 0-5

Hey guys, proofreaded and edited ch 0 to 5 of Slaughter God. Debating about if I should pick it up again...

Chapter 0
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5


  1. Ah thanks !

    Why was it dropped in the first place again?

    1. Someone decided to read the raws and brought up the fact that it was dropped by the author at 200 chapters. I decided to read the last chapter, it looked less like a dropped and more like a cliffhanger ending. Because of reader conflicts, I decided to pursue other projects and put this on haitus. Never actually went back though. I felt like this is much more of a mainstream story that lots of people seemed to want to read so I decided to come back and give it a go.

    2. If its really as you say then even if I'd hate myself for saying I'd suggest doing more CCM! Need to see more kung fu! xD

    3. I agree.. CCM was bit of let down. I thought it would be like Coiled Dragon..The MC is only wasting time on his noble titles and artifacts. Very less Kungfu.

    4. ummm... it's a different CCM that Angel Perez talking about

  2. Replies
    1. More waifu like Martial god asura ! :D

      But the ending of Slaugter God is a cliffhanger, right ? I don't like it…

  3. You should release 3chs at the end of every month, and also go to to get it to a wider audience