Mai Waifu Ch 30

Lo and behold, ch 30 of Mai Waifu. This is my 2nd chapter this week... enjoy. 2 more to go this week. Still haven't fixed my laptop since I didn't have time to do it...

Will be starting driving for lyft/uber next week since I'm way too broke... gotta pay off my credit card debt. Seems like I'm unable to register for my final class this semester, gotta save up for tuition money next semester too....

ps. I'm changing the format of my blog into releases on pages instead of posts ;). Hopefully that allows me to communicate with readers better.

pps. Hope you guys are enjoying Bloodfalcon's release of MTL Lu Bu. I will try to check the translations for accuracy when I have time. (It takes about half the time to translate to check them.... but that's still some 3 to 4 hours.)

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