Mai Kitsune Waifu ch 35 is out

Hey guys, enjoy chapter 35. I still have no idea how to fix my laptop, but on the bright side, I installed ubuntu on it. So yeah, at least I can use it now.... somewhat...

edit. nvm, laptop's still not working. I restarted it and then it died again even on ubuntu. Gives me an error for my radeon graphics card and stuck on ubuntu loading screen much like the windows one. I have determined that in order to fix it, i'd have to disable my radeon graphics card since that's causing the troubles. Problem is, shitty hp uses insydeh20 shitty bios with the advanced options locked. So I can't get in to turn off my graphics card. I'll look more into it sometime this following weekend. But in the meantime, it seems like my laptop is still dead.

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