My Father in Law is Lu Bu chapter 45 and updates

Tchu have translated chapter 45....

on a sad note, Tchu have decided to drop Lu Bu and focus on Conquest. I will continue on but Lu Bu is really too hard to translate.... So my focus might be shifting toward the other novels too.

As for the lack of releases, sorry about that. I'm half way done with Waifu chapter 30 and VW:CCM ch 4.

My son just had his 4th month shot a couple days ago and have been very cranky and hard to take care of...

Furthermore... My car got keyed by some fag in a Black 2013 Mercedes Benz C350 4matic with Illinois license plate E603844 and last name Chen (found all these online using license plate number, if someone could find me their full name and address, I'd be grateful.). Filed a police report, hopefully they'll be paying for my damages....

Bitch keyed all my doors and the panels around them... a couple thousands worth of damage.


  1. Hooooly shiiiit dude. What a little arrogant cuntbag. Hope you get it all sorted out.

    Sucks to hear about Lu Bu, I really enjoyed reading the story. Then again , I'm also really enjoying reading Mai Kitsune Waifu, so more attention on that is good attention :3

    Thanks !

    1. thanks bro, I didn't manage to get the amount of chapters I want released to be released this week, will make up for it next week.

  2. i enjoy Lu Bu but infintley enjoy kitsune more also that sucks about your car man hopefully asshole who keyed it pays up

  3. whoa harsh. that's a lot of keying