Computer still broken....

New ssd came and cloning didn't work again so I returned it...

Then I spent the last few hours giving my computer a clean install of windows 7, which wasn't hard.

Same problem with my last ssd came.... drivers....

I have a hp dv7-6187cl laptop, it uses a dual graphics system thing with shitty intel hd graphics 3000 (which shows up as vga something graphics) and amd radeon hd 6700m.... the intel graphics is shit and useless.

The problem comes with the graphics drivers.... only hp drivers supports dual graphics. However, windows automatically install drivers, which doesn't work and ended up giving me 1024x768 graphics. After spending some hours trying to figure out how to make radeon work... here's what I did so far...

Downloaded drivers from hp.... ended up causing my laptop to stuck in starting windows again...
did a fresh new install of windows 7
downloaded drivers from radeon
installed CCC, still using intel shit driver as main drive, cannot switch to radeon, checked device manager, driver have error.
Uninstalled both radeon and intel, restarted, automatically reinstalled back.
Went on safe mode, uninstalled radeon and intel and restarted, froze in starting windows screen again.

I might go back and try with my laptop again later.... in the meantime.... I'll relax my mind a bit and do some translations later.... this is pissing me off -.-

If anyone knows what I should do, please help...

ps. not buying anything with fcking switchable graphics again.


  1. Try install the HP Support Assistant:
    It will search for available drivers online dor your device. After that reboot your computer and see what was installed (amd drivers)

  2. here is a post from hp support forum
    Re: how can i switch intel hd 3000 graphics card to ati radeon hd 6770m?
    ‎09-06-2011 05:52 PM
    I think you might have typed product/model number of your Notebook incorrectly. Anyway, you can find answer to your question at below link
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    I am an HP employee!!

  3. Just dropping a quick note on my typical install process.

    Update the System Bios & Re-configure it to desired configuration -- Verify SATA operation is in AHCI mode unless utilizing onboard raid for multi hard drives.
    Update the Solid State Firmware
    Wipe your drive if re-loading it & have a proper backup -- I typically use Darik's boot & Nuke "DBAN" unless it's a solid state.
    Install Windows 7 -- Have a thumb drive on the ready with AHCI drivers just in case -- likely won't need
    Install Service Pack 1 if it's not integrated on your disk.
    Install Chipset Drivers
    Install Video Drivers
    Install AHCI Drivers -- Do NOT overwrite if it prompts an error saying newer ones are installed
    Install Audio Drivers
    Install remaining drivers
    Install the Optional windows update plugin
    Scan for updates and hide/disable video drivers in the windows update optional section
    Install .Net 4.5.2 & IE11
    Rescan & Install remaining updates.

    If the HP video drivers don't install properly try doing an auto detect drivers from -- if these don't install you may want to verify that there isn't any bulging capacitors on your video card(s)

    1. I forgot to add, you can order a new restore media kit from here...

      You'll need your serial number and probably a small fist full of cash. This will get you the disk prep tools in case you want to replace your drive with a solid state & start with a fresh HP load instead of the minimal windows load I had posted above.

      For reference if you want to re-download the ISOs for Windows.

  4. well i has the most easy sol intall 3dchip is a program that help yo to install all you drivers, think about hehheeh

    PS..sorry for the gramatical errors

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  5. Can't help you with this but I went through something similar but it got to the point where it was cheaper just to get a new laptop than to keep getting new things that were supposed to help it... The struggle is real...

  6. i really not an expert with computer. but in my case windows XP always be my best. It simple and never ever automatic install. ~~ hope this can help you

  7. hola!

    tu problema son controladores(drivers)?

    si es asi: entonces driver pack solutions, instala, actualiza automaticamente todos los drivers de tu pc o laptod: 10GBs

    un link recomendado servidor mega:!8AFihCYK!i9Zzvlhex0OiPDZUbi8S1MYKGeGYTL70KGakkqnYUvU

  8. hmm dude if you are using windows 7 and getting graphics card problems have you tried changing to windows 10 O.o or Maybe 8. from what i know they install your graphics card for you. Also get driver booster which is also quite good at detecting your drivers and updating it for you it's quite useful :D

    1. no, I might try upgrading to windows 7 or 10 this weekend if all else fails. The problem isn't what drivers im lacking but rather the fact that my hp laptop utilizes a dual graphics card.... so they require specific driver and specific way to install them. Windows automatically installs drivers... how it only install the ones for the intel hd 3000, which is super shit and not the radeon 6700m that I have in my laptop.

  9. ohk go to AMD website and see if u can get the catalyst software. and also u can disable one of your graphics card in device manager if you want(tho i wont recommend it). i also have a dual graphics card laptop just that its intel and nvidia instead of radeon neither is my laptop hp. Also i think the system automatically uses intel as the display adapter however after doing a clean install it will be some default VGA which makes your desktop icons and stuff look big. if you right click your desktop you should see AMD logo followed by some words/ check search to see if you have "catalyst control center" if not then go to the AMD site. remember to restart computer after installing the AMD catalyst. if you right click your desktop check if you can see Intel icon with the words "graphics properties" and also "graphics options" (yours might have different words but should have intel logo) because if you cant see those 2 then your computer didnt even install the intel graphics thats why the VGA is active. So go to the intel website and get the graphics card/auto detect. and if auto detect doesnt work go to google and get driver booster it will automatically search for the software for you.