Apologies for the delay

I felt like I should make a post to apologize my delay of a month and half.

I am a graduating 4th year college student set to graduate this summer. However, because I failed a class, my graduation is likely delayed until next year. In the meantime, I was taking 3 summer classes. My delay started with the final exams for my first two summer classes and some real life shit happened. Last week, I finally finished my last summer class. I am currently trying to find a job since I had a kid to take care of now (my son's 4 months old now). In the meantime, I have a bit more time (taking care of your child is like a full time job) now so I will be back on the translation wagon.

I will try my best to catch up to what I have missed. Also, Paul (Tchu) from wuxiaheroes.com decided to collab with me to bring My Father in Law is Lu Bu to you all faster.

Paul and co will be releasing chapters 32 to 34. I will be releasing ch 35 to 37. We will strive to get all the chapters out by this weekend. (I am currently translating ch 35 as I am typing this and Paul's team should have ch 32 out tomorrow).

PS. Major apologies to the donors. I will release the donated chapters (2) once we catch up to this week's goal.


  1. Welcome back~
    I'm just a leecher so I don't feel that you should apologize, I'll take what I can get!
    I'm already grateful you started this translations~
    and hey! you have a baby! congrats!
    I hope everything irl works out for you~