Sorry for the delay

edit: 6/7/2015 2:44am
I have a very busy weekend. Some shit happened last Thursday night and I'm currently trying to relax as to not overly stress myself. As for my exam Friday, I didn't know how to do 1 of the 4 exam problems. The other 3 was so-so, not certain if I'm correct.

I know I promised 4 chapters this weekend but because of what happened earlier the week and the fact that I have an CAD assignment due tomorrow midnight in addition to running around doing some errands, I will certainly be late on my 4 chapters. Sorry about this guys. This will just add onto next week's chapters. I will try to get a chapter out tomorrow after I finish my homework.

I overslept my nap yesterday.... ended up sleeping some 13 hours....

Chapter 29, albeit short, was VERY hard to translate. Took me some 4-5 hours to do :\

I'll get the next 4 chapters out this weekend after I finish my exam.


  1. Good luck with your exam and thanks for the chapter!

  2. have to say this series has become one of my Favs!!. I check back everyday at least twice... even if i am on the email list LOL.. Thanks for the TL's and Keep up the great work

  3. Best of luck with your assignments

  4. hey bro

    today will be any chapter?

  5. Well let's hope so, last weeks' promised chapters didn't come this week either, so let's hope we will see something today or tomorrow =/

  6. Vicious being you are, going to who know where on a cliffhanger.

    "All gods are vicious for they all want for us to wait for them on the cliff" follower101

    Pray to the god today for the great return, sacrifice to the god tomorrow for the great return.

  7. Dear James,

    first of all, I like to thank you for your hard work and sacrifice to translate this amazing novel. I am a big fan of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms period and war novels. This novel is a nice change to the other Chinese novel, which are equal amazing in their own ways.

    I hope you and your family are doing well and the exams are not too much of a problem for you.
    I know just too well that real life events can unexpectedly surprise you and take away all your free time.

    I am writing you now, because I know just too well that translating a novel can become tedious really fast if you don't enjoy it anymore. I, myself have discontinued to translate a novel an year ago, because my RL became too stressful... Fortunately, my amazing team continued without me and are still translating that amazing novel.

    To make it short, I would like to offer you my service to continue this amazing work if you currently have other priorities in life. I will assure you that I will do this great novel justice and if you need more information about me and my previous work, I am more than happy to introduce myself in details.

    However, if you are just need a few weeks to get things done, please ignore this message and see it as a praise to your hard work from a loyal leecher :).

    Best regards

    1. Hello and sorry about the delay. Some shit happened last Thursday causing me to take a week or so to cool down. Also my exam grade was bad so I had to work harder on that. However, 2 of my classes will end by the end of this month which would allow me to have a bit more time. I will catch up the chapters I missed once I have more time. That said, I am happy if you would want to help me with the translation so that we could being forth more chapters at a faster rate. You can email me jamesshi93(at) if you're interested.


    2. Or can we, just use google translate and we ask you to edit for us? Is that OK?

      btw, leecher12345, your words are like rain after drought

  8. what happen with updates?

  9. Is this dropped?