Stellar Transformation Chapter 28 is released!

Finally finished chapter 28. Sorry about the delay, had to do some errands buying baby stuff as my kid is coming in a month.

That being said, here's chapter 28 of Stellar Transformation.

And also, I suspect some of you might've noticed already but I will also be releasing my chapters in RWX's However, all my translations will be release here first and then be release at wuxiaworld a couple hours later.

Regarding Age of Desolation, I am still in the process of figuring out what to do with that with IEatWatermelon.

I suspect my main focus will be put toward My Father in Law is Lu Bu and will be doing some collaborations with some other translators.

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  1. Has Qin Yu consume Pei Xue's Yuanying yet? He got that when he attack the Devil's palace. I don't recall reading that he did. Can anyone tell me? Thanks.