Chapter 8 is done

Hey guys, chapter 8 is done. Super long long long long chapter. Took me a while to translate. That said, I have a physics exam on Tuesday :(. Gotta study for that.

Thank you Trent of Malaysia for donating! Remember guys, my translations are supported by ads and donations. If you want faster release, please unblock the adblocker and/or donate. Thanks!


  1. "Regarding Stellar Transformation, because Aequitas was busy this weekend, I decided to delay my own translations too. I will start the translations for that once he release his translations (That is to say, I will spend a whole day and pump out 3 chapters in a day or two once chapter 32 is released.)"
    ?????????????????????????????? (Sorry if i am rushing you, since you might have already started??)

    1. Well, I ended up having my kid that week. Then I saw that Rylain guy's current progress and my motivation just got super dropped. Figured it might be better to focus on MFILILB since I didn't want to bother doing something someone else is already doing. Much like how I dropped Age of Desolation once IEW picked it up.