Chapter 7 is done!

Hey guys, Chapter 7 is done! Finally! Took me a while. It is currently 3:42am, just finished feeding Jovilius. Time for me to sleep now.

That said, Thank you Bartosz of Poland for donating!

As a side note, last night while changing his diapers, he shitted all over the changing table.... took us an hour and half to clean and all.


  1. The joy of having a Baby. :D

    Congratulations on the start of a no sleep journey!

  2. Hahah at least it did not go into your mouth. My nephew pissed in my mouth once while I was changing him

  3. ah i remember that my nephew puked in my mouth. I was lieing on the sofa and i raised him up above me, i was smiling and then he puked, which got in my mouth. Breast milk is disgusting.