Chapter 5 is done :)

Hey guys, chapter 5 is done. I should get chapter 6 done tomorrow.  Btw I noticed some of you guys managed to find my incomplete version of chapter 5. I changed the title of it a bit.

Enjoy reading.


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  2. Have u stopped Slaughter God?
    I iked that one is way better than this one.

  3. gues it's not bad, but still, Slaughter god looked better. might pick up, but so far, he is a bit unlikely a character.

    he better have some moral nightmares tonight, since he just became a mass murderer. I am not sure if i like him being able to kill so easily... heck he killed 3 people that weren't enemies just to make people listen to him last chapter, and just went "meh, people die all the time around here."