Update 3-1-15

I'm currently in contact with I Eat Watermelon to figure out if he wanted to do a collaboration or not...

In the mean time, I managed to get chapter 1 of My Father in Law is Lu Bu translated.

My girlfriend helped me proofread, she said my grammar sucks.

The whole translation was about 5 hours, she spent 2 hours proofreading and changing my translations :\

Without further ado, here's chapter 1.

My Father in Law is Lu Bu - Chapter 1 - Disaster Brought Forth by a Name

I will be working on chapter 28 of Stellar Transformation later tonight and tomorrow :)
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  1. First!!! Lol and thanks for the chapter.

  2. Will you be posting Stellar TRansformations here or over on Wuxia world ?

    1. I'll post here first and then Aequitas could move it over,

    2. Could you tell us the eta for ST ch.28? Please. Lol. I normally wouldn't bug you so much, it's just that I'm Really looking forward to the 9x9 tribulation.

    3. Yeah sorry about that. Been running around buying baby stuff and setting them up(baby coming in a month). I will start working on it once I finish my homework. I'll get it out in the next 5 hours, promise.

    4. Ok thanks for letting me know. Now i can stop f5ing your page for ohh.... 5hours? Lol.

    5. Yep, sorry about that. I'll work on it asap. Been pretty busy. I'm no machine like RWX ;)

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