Slaughter God - Chapter 5 - Sisters

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)
Translated by James

Chapter 5 – Sisters

This new arrival is a slender youngster with long eyebrows and dark eyes. He looked a couple years older than JiLi. With a faint smile on his face, he appeared to be full of confidence.

This person’s arrival caused all those around him began to move backwards opening up a road for him. It seemed that this person is quite prestigious amongst the younger generations in the tribe.

JiChu. He has been known as the number two amongst the younger generations, directly below YuZhu. He is also the current captain of the hunting team. It has been said that he have reached the pinnacle of low tier strength half a year ago. His strength is much stronger than JiFeng’s.

 JiChu slowly walked toward JiLi as the crowd made way. With a condescending attitude and a faint smile, he said: “JiLi, having mastered a Whirling First with five consecutive increases in strength, it seemed that you are indeed very strong. But you shouldn’t be thinking that you’re invincible just from that.”

Hearing this nasty tone, JiLi frowned but did not reply. From his knowledge of JiChu, JiLi knew that JiChu, compared to JiFeng, is much harder to deal with. This is especially true since JiChu is still so confident even after his display of his Whirling First with five consecutive increases in strength.

What’s surprising is that while JiChu is continuously displaying his superiority, he did not continue to provoke JiLi. He only said with his mouth slightly curved upwards: “Hehe, you don’t have to be so nervous; I won’t make it difficult for you since we are no longer at the same level.”

“JiChu, what do you mean by this? We are all of the same tribe; everyone is supposed to be equal. There shouldn’t be a separation between the inner and outer groups; even the inner group is not necessarily superior. Brother Li didn’t do anything wrong!” YuZhu clenched her fist and said full of discontent.

“YuZhu, are these also things JiLi taught you? If a mere outsider dared say these outrageous word; once reported to the tribal elders, it’ll be a major crime. However, I didn’t hear it from JiLi himself. Since the words came out from your mouth, it naturally won’t be an issue.” JiChu’s still having a confident smile on his face. He is obviously a lot smarter than everyone else and knows that blind provocation of JiLi will only raise YuZhu’s antipathy.

“What I meant by we are not at the same level isn’t regarding that.” He adds and then stretches out his hand smilingly. Soon there was a crimson color slowly appearing on his hand.

“This is…” All the people around suddenly started feeling like they’re inside a stove – their skin slowly heating up and even the air started to boil.

Right at this moment, a yellow flame appeared floating on JiChu’s palm.

“Fire energy! Mid tier stage! JiChu even reached mid tier stage!” The crowd exclaimed. Being able to stimulate a variety of natural energies, this is the mark of mid tier stage.

 (Okay this is lame but I do not want to put in Fire magic… because I felt that the novel isn’t magic related. It seemed like the author took from 能量 which means energy. I’m keeping mid tier stage for the name because by itself only means able/capable and energy stage just sounds….stupid. 能量 literally means ability capacity.)

“It was rumored that JiChi reached the pinnacle of strength only but half a year ago.  To think he have reached the mid tier stage already! Genius! Maybe he is as much of a genius as Miss YuZhu!” An astonished voice sounded.

“You actually broke through the mid tier stage?” Even YuZhu was slightly surprised from JiChu reaching mid tier stage for she herself, the second genius of the Fire Sparrow Tribe, also spent about the same amount of time to reach mid tier stage.

Breaking through the mid tier stage is both the hardest and the most critical stage. The less time one spent on it, the more talent one have. JiChu’s time spent shows that he is about as talented as her.

“That’s right, I have broken through the mid tier stage a couple days ago. Maybe I’ll soon catch up to you.” JiChu slightly smiled. “Thus, I am won’t make things difficult for JiLi. I am here simply as the captain of the juvenile hunting team to invite JiLi because he have reached over 800jin of strength, the requirement to join the hunting team.”

“Say it again after you have caught up to me.” YuZhu said disgruntledly.

“Okay, you wait for me. And JiLi, you better come report as soon as possible.” JiChu said continuously with a smile on his face, looking charismatic; completely different from the crowd before. Then he faced the crowd and said: “You guys better dismiss and go back home to practice. For even an outsider is stronger than you guys and you guys still have the face to continue standing here?”

“Rest assured, I will for sure.” Watching JiChu’s brilliant display, he only blandly replied now.

There is indeed such a rule in the tribe. All males, upon reaching a strength of 800jin, must join the hunting team. He envisioned that it won’t be an easy stay for him in the hunting team.  However, he still has time. Once he finishes absorbing the residual energy, he can go wherever he wants.

“Good. I’ll wait for you.” JiChu smiled expressively.

He left right afterwards.

Following JiChu, all the other youngsters also dispersed.

“Brother Li, you were so awesome earlier!” Seeing that everyone has dispersed, YuZhu came running with excitement and said: “To think that you actually did a five consecutive strength increasing Whirling Fist; this is something no one in the tribe have accomplished before!”

“You can stop flattering me. I know how strong I am. While there aren’t a lot of people who can do a five consecutive Whirling Fist, I for certain am not the only one…” JiLi said disapprovingly. At this time, a figure flashed in his mind - a figure of a person a lot stronger than him. He quickly shook his head, as if forcing himself not to think of this person.

“In YuZhu’s heart, brother Li you are the strongest!”  Even though her pervious flattery has failed, she didn’t care. Then, grasping her fist, she revealed an innocent smile enough to fool those who have not seen her appearance when beating someone up.

Having grown up with her, JiLi knows well enough what she was trying to accomplish. He disgruntledly said: “All this talk, it is just so that I don’t blame you for what happened today right? Fine, I don’t blame you then.”

“Hehe, I knew brother Li won’t blame me.” Having her mind read, YuZhu is not one bit embarrassed. Holding JiLi’s hands, she said: “Brother Li you have agreed right? Then you are mine from now on.”

“Wait. I only said I don’t blame you and didn’t say that I agree with the engagement. We are still too young.” JiLi interrupts YuZhu. Feeling a headache, with his abilities even if he wanted to accept the engagement, YuZhu’s father, the Fire Sparrow Tribe chief surely won’t acknowledge it.

In his view, YuZhu wanting to marry him to bring him to the inner group, while being well intended, is likely only a one sided willingness. (meaning her father won’t accept it)

He spoke vaguely because he didn’t want her to have a fall out with her father. 

However, having absorbed some of the energy within him, he is already much stronger than before. Once he enhances his power a bit more, marrying YuZhu is not an impossibility.

Only, it cannot be rushed.

“What? Brother Li you actually refuse?” YuZhu never imagined that she’ll be refused. With a light shout, she rushed in front of JiLi, blocking him.

She is most certainly not as mature as JiLi thought her to be. She fumingly stared at JiLi and said solemnly: “Brother Li, you better not forget that you have already kissed and touched me when I was only six years old. You better be responsible!”

JiLi’s face turned red. He rushed over to YuZhu and whispered: “Don’t talk nonsense. You were drowning at the Fire Bird Lake. I was only giving you artificial respiration to save you.”

“Then having saved my life, it is also within reasons for me to devote my life you.” YuZhu spoke without regard or a hint of embarrassment.

Hearing this particular argument, JiLi’s mouth twitched a couple times. He paused and jokingly said: “You sure this isn’t returning benevolence with malevolence?”

“Brother Li!” Seeing JiLi still refusing to agree, YuZu really did get angry. “What’s bad about me?! Didn’t you see all those guys in the tribe who likes me? And I carry a huge secret. As long as you and I engage, you will certainly gain great benefits! For you to continue to refuse… unless…unless…”

“Unless what?” JiLi didn’t expect her to actually get angry. But he also knows that, based on her personality, she won’t be angry for long so he deliberately asked with a smile.

Seeing JiLi continuously smiling, YuZhu really got angry and, with a hot head, blurted out without thinking: “Unless you still cannot forget my older sister!”

(Ohhhhh shiiittt!)

YuZhu started regretting right after.

She secretly glanced at JiLi and, as expected, his smile gradually solidified.

All of a sudden, even the air seemed to quiet down.

“I really am tired today. Can we talk about our stuff later, okay?” After a while, JiLi seemed somewhat dejected. He only gently sighed and passed by YuZhu and slowly walked away.

YuZhu blankly stood. After a long time, she finally reacted and turned around. However, JiLi have long since been gone.

“Brother Li….” A single person standing on an empty field; like a helpless child, YuZhu totally lost the valiance that she was displaying a while ago. Feeling her nose a bit runny, she looked towards the sky and almost cried: “Ohh sister sister, did you even take with you brother Li’s heart when you left the tribe?”

End. Chapter 5.


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