Slaughter God - Chapter 4 - Challenge

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)
translated by James

Chapter 4 – Challenge

Feeling rounds and rounds of curious or provocative stares on him, JiLi begins to have a headache. He knows that this time he cannot escape from the annoyances.

With all these jealous youngsters, trying to reason with words is impossible.

“He is JiLi?”

“Ordinary, nothing special. Although not ugly, he’s not handsome either. With a strength of 700jin, he might be pretty good for an outsider but for us, he’s just average.”

“Strength of 700jin is nothing. Who knows what kind of love pill did he gave to Miss YuZhu to make her fall for him.”

A lot of the tribesmen have started assessing JiLi from head to toe.

“Brother Li, you’re back!” YuZhu have noticed JiLi. She displays a face like a smiling flower, full of soft gentleness, where one cannot imagine that her previous look was that of a female fiend.

With a thump thump noise, those long legs in motion brought YuZhu toward JiLi. She grabs JiLi’s arms with a sense of familiarity and with a coquettish tone said: “Today’s a big day for us; I think brother Li don’t blame me for acting on my own, right?”

Seeing such a scene, the whole crowd cannot help but be shocked with eyes wide open (Imagine one piece face). YuZhu’s current small womanly display is completely different from that violent girl earlier. Everyone was completely raged.

“Enough, you can stop pretending. I was already here when you were beating that person up.” Seeing YuZhu holding onto him arm, JiLi could not help but swing his arm away from her grasp. He knows this girl’s intentions well. Although well intended, asking in front of all these people, she obviously does not want to give him an opportunity to refuse.

“Brother Li….” Having her mind read, YuZhu cannot help but be a little embarrassed. But soon, she, with a scowl, turned around and stared at the crowd and said bitterly: “It’s all these people’s faults. Every one of them trying to oppose our marriage when it’s not their business…”

Upon hearing such, the crowd’s stares toward JiLi obviously turned much colder. They cannot understand why YuZhu is being so docile around him.

“What a group of hot blooded youngsters…”With all these hateful stares directed toward him, JiLi cannot help but reluctantly shake his head. Have to say, the number one beauty YuZhu is indeed enough to attract hatred.

Strength and beauty, these are two things in this world that people insanely pursuit.

Even he must admit that little loli who was always by his side listening to his story have blossomed into a stunningly attractive beauty with lethal smiles and a perfect pair of legs. Those legs have even caused him to feel a bit dazzled.

One could imagine that in a few years this girl would be so devastatingly beautiful enough to be a source of calamity.

“Miss YuZhu.” Right at this moment, a malicious looking triangular eyed youngster walked out. (I was so tempted to put “a wild malicious triangular eyed youngster appeared!”)

“JiFeng, even you wanted to speak to me?” Having disturbed, YuZhu cannot help but frown. Soon, she turned around with a graceful smile to greet the youngster. But she deliberately aggravated the ‘speak to me’ part.

“JiFeng dare not.” Having seen YuZhu’s smile, this triangular eyed youngster cannot help but retreat a few steps before finally continued: “Miss YuZhu, we all know you are the strongest amongst our age group but do you really want to have a coward who will only stay behind the woman as a husband?”

“That’s right; this JiLi cannot be comparable to the wonderful Miss YuZhu.” JiFeng’s speech quickly caused uproar with the crowd.

“Miss YuZhu, we are convinced to lose against you. However, to lose against this coward who dare not step forward, we cannot be convinced.” JiFeng spoke loudly.

“That’s right, we aren’t convinced!” All of a sudden, tons of youngsters loudly said.

“Hmph, this is between the two of us, none of you people’s concern... this is called free love, do you people understand?” Seeing these people repeatedly obstruct her, YuZhu’s face began to turn cold, her body fuming and her eyes started narrowing like those of a sly fox. JiLi, who is familiar with her, knows that this is a sign before this girl explodes.

“Let me take care of this.” A good natured palm pulled her away.

JiLi finally stood out.

“Brother Li.” YuZhu cannot help but hesitate and looked somewhat startled. From her memory, JiLi isn’t a person who likes dealing with things like these.

“As a man, there are certain things one must deal with.” JiLi said lightly. After absorbing the mysterious energy, even his temper started becoming stronger.

Then he slowly walked out and with a calm look, said to the hot blooded youngsters: “Speak, what must I do to convince you guys.”

Seeing JiLi daring to stand out, these youngsters cannot help but be surprised. They naturally do not know the concept of free lover. After looking at each other, JiFeng said: “Of course to compete with us. For a wonderful girl like Miss YuZhu not just some mediocre individual could be her partner.”

“Sometimes love isn’t determined by strength.” JiLi said insipidly. This would respects strength so obviously these people are accustomed to solving problems using force.

“That’s right. Even if you people win against brother Li, I still won’t like you people.” YuZhu spoke out. Her eyes remained on JiLi and spoke with a sentiment that others cannot understand: “Our world, you people won’t understand.”

Having seen the YuZhu that’s deeply in love, the crowd is both envious and jealous. Oh how they wish to be JiLi.

“Haha.” JiFeng eyes sparking with fire and deliberately said with a provocative tone: “All in all, JiLi you still dare not accept the fight. But even if Miss YuZhu was to be cheated by you, do you think that the chief would allow her to marry a coward like you?”

“What an inferior quality provocation.” JiLi turned toward JiFeng and, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised, step forward and said: “But I still accept your challenge.”

“Brother Li, you didn’t have to bother with these people. I can take care of them.” Said YuZhu quickly after once again being startled.

“No need, you can just stand just watch from the side.” Said JiLi shaking his head. Because of his previous memories, he attained some accomplishment on the martial arts and, after his breakthrough earlier, he have reached the pinnacle of low tier strength. Thus, not many from the inner group will scare him.

He also wanted to test his strength.

“Brother Li, why don’t you wait a bit and let me beat these guys up once and then fight them…” YuZhu said in a low voice leaning toward JiLi’s ears.

“Have some confidence in me, okay?” JiLi doesn’t know rather to laugh or cry but he really believe that YuZhu would do such a thing.

“JiLi, stop running away. Come. Fight with I, JiFeng, first!” Standing to the side and watching JiLi and YuZhu being so intimate, JiFeng cannot contain his anger anymore and attacked first.

“You stand back a bit.” Seeing the incoming JiFeng, JiLi’s focuses his attention, sent YuZhu back and rushed out toward JiFeng.

That JiFeng is fast indeed. With a whirl whirl sound, his movement has caused a sandstorm to roll, forcing those who have been close by to stand back while he himself arrived in front of JiLi in a couple step. As if a tiger preying on its prey, his fist flew straight toward JiLi’s face with an explosive sound.

“Don’t say I bully you, I won’t use my martial abilities for this punch!” JiFeng stood with one foot in the front, lowering his stature and his fist, as if menacing shells, blasted forward.

“Pinnacle of low tier strength! This JiFeng guy has been hiding his strength the whole time. Was he trying to impress Miss YuZhu in front of her?” Seeing this, the whole crowd was shocked. Even the eyes they looked at JiLi have a hint of sympathy. Pinnacle of low tier strength vs 700jin level tier strength. In their view, this is simply bullying.

However, surprising everyone, JiLi appears to be very calm.

“Then I won’t bully you either, I won’t use my martial abilities either.” Faced with that huge incoming fist, he slightly took a step back and, after relaxing his body, returned a roaring fist.

Two fists collided midair exploding the air causing some airflow forming cyclones. As is enveloped in mist, it was quite spectacular.


Under the eyes of the surprised audience, two figures receded backwards at the same time.
Surprisingly, this attack turned out to be neck and neck!

“How could this be! Aren’t you only supposed to have 700jin worth of strength?” After stabilizing his body, JiFeng looked at JiLi with a face of astonishment. He never imagined that his pinnacle of low tier strength cannot beat his opponent.

JiLi also stabilized his body, raised his head and looked at JiFeng with a playful smile and said: “What, do I have to report to you my strength?” At this point, he is certain that after absorbing the mysterious light he have reached the pinnacle of low tier strength, boosting his confidence.

“Brother Li has reached the pinnacle of low tier strength.” YuZhu was also taken aback. She and the entire crowd didn’t expect that this engagement that which they thought to be without suspense have developed to such a situation.

“I did not expect that you were so cunning to be hiding your strength the whole time.” JiFeng’s face finally started looking serious.

“No better than you.” JiLi spread opens his hands. From the commotion of the crowd, he knew that JiFeng was hiding his strength too.

“Don’t get complacent! Soon you’ll know the difference between the inner and outer group. Take on my next fist, this time I will be using martial abilities!” Having originally thought that he will be leaving a good impression on YuZhu after taking care of JiLi easily, now having lost his face, JiFeng’s face stiffens.

Biting his teeth, he quickly rushed toward JiLi.

Fierce Tiger Long Fist! (猛虎長拳)

Upon releasing his fist, the whole crowd was in an uproar.

“Who would’ve thought that JiFeng have already mastered the mortal realm (人階) intermediate level Fierce Tiger Long Fist to show a seventh degree of heat control. Although JiLi have also reached the pinnacle of low tier strength, he is surely going to lose.” Some people of the inner group recognized this martial ability and concluded within.

“Unfair, the people in the outer group only have access to mortal realm immediate level martial abilities. How could JiLi possible take that on?” At this moment some outsiders cried of injustice.

“Be careful brother Li” YuZhu quickly reminded.

Upon seeing that figure approaching like a fierce tiger, JiLi’s was completely focused.

Next moment, with a roam of his feet, his body slightly arched, and his arm being bent in an eccentric angle, he released his arm like a spring flying straight toward JiFeng’s fist.

“It’s the mortal realm immediate level Whirling Fist! This fist is one that both inner and outer groups can practice. It is said that when one mastered the fist, one can send out three times the strength, greatly increasing one’s attack power. However, it is very hard to master. Even if JiLi managed to master the fist, it is still only immediate level. Compared with the intermediate level Fierce Tiger Long Fist, it is still lacking.” Someone immediately recognize the fist.

Whirr whirr –

Before this person finish talking, three minor explosive noises came from the air like the spring's first thunders.

This means that it is a Whirling Fist that is mastered!

“What?” Upon seeing the mastered Whirling Fist, JiFeng cannot help but be shocked. However, he soon have a ridiculing face and said: “Who would’ve imagined that you would’ve mastered the Whirling Fist. But pity, it would only increase your strength by 300jin whereas my seventh degree of heat control Fierce Tiger Long Fist would increase my strength by at least 400jin! You are still not my match. The stronger you are, the better you are at showing off my strength!”

Then he ferociously advances, as if a fierce tiger, with unstoppable momentum.

“I think it’s better if you don’t set your conclusions too early.” A playful smile appeared on JiLi’s mouth.

While this Whirling Fist is indeed belong to the immediate martial abilities of the mortal realm, the weakest in the three realms – heaven, earth and mortal. Everyone in the tribe can practice it, very shallow. However, JiLi came with memories. He understood things early from youth and has been researching this martial ability for over ten years. Thus, it is naturally stronger than that of a regular tribesman.

Whirr – Whirr –

At this moment, his arm rotated two more times. With two loud explosion noises, a large strength explosively from within!  A future increase in 200jin of strength!

Like a deep sea windstorm, sweeping everything!

“How could thi…ahhh” JiFeng and all those present were stunned. Before he can even finish his speech, he was severely knocked away with a scream. Then he dropped from midair and landed on the ground, forming a shallow pit, unable to stand up.

“You lose; it seems that the gap between the inner group and the outer group isn’t much.” JiLi rubbed his arm that was feeling some pain and said dismissively.

“JiFeng actually lost…” a conclusion to the fight was reached – one that was highly contrary to expectation.

“Brother Li is actually so powerful.” Even YuZhu is a bit shocked.

Although she knew that JiLi have some attainments with martial abilities, she did not expect for him to reach such a level. To practice Whirling Fist to a level of five consecutive increases in strength, it is something that even intermediate martial abilities find difficult to accomplish.

“If anyone else wants to have a spar with JiLi, please stand out.” JiLi stood in place, looked around and asked with a bright voice.

“Reached the pinnacle of low tier strength and being able to execute Whirling Fist with five consecutive increases in strength… even JiFeng isn’t a match for him…”Having heard JiLi, all the youngsters stepped back and considered in their heart. No one dared to stand out.

Having deterred this group of hot blooded youngsters, JiLi also relieved slightly thinking that the matter can come to an end.

However, right at this moment.

“You can execute Whirling Fist consecutively times? Some skills indeed. But who gave you the courage to challenge the inner group!” Suddenly there was a voice coming from the outside of the crowd. This voice sounds as if with a strong self-confidence, enough to subdue.

“JiChu?” JiLi’s attention began to concentrate.

End. Chapter 4


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