Slaughter God - Chapter 3 - Violent Girl

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (火树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)
translated by James

Chapter 3 – Violent girl

It is already dusk by the time JiLi returned to the tribe.

The sun sets toward the west, in the ancient barrens and mountains, the sounds of beasts transcend those of humanity sweeping the atmosphere with an aura of wilderness.

Golden rays set across the horizon. Toward the south of the barrens, with square shaped constructions, a small tribe is within the golden rays, seemly as if receiving the blessings of gods – beautiful and blessed, like a miracle.

Toward the front of the tribe there stood a huge mysterious golden pillar dazzling with brilliance. Craved on it were ancient and mysterious hieroglyphics. Looking from afar, one could not help but cower and naturally revere it.

This is the heaven pillar. (天柱, pillars supporting heaven)

JiLi looked up toward the heaven pillar and could not help but blink a couple times from the sunrays. Located on top of the heaven pillar was the head of a huge fiery beast. With blazing hair and eyes that looked as if it was glaring at you, it was a frightening sight.

To his knowledge, this head have been on the pillar for more than a decade. But because of special treatment, it still looked very alive and mighty.

“All fiery beasts are extremely powerful and although this is just a lower tier three-legged flaming cloud beast (三足火云獸), it is likely even more powerful than the strongest in our tribe. I have no idea how they managed to attain this head… and this head somehow gave me a strange feeling.” JiLi felt that there’s something special about this beast head. However, he did not continue pondering and just continued walking deeper toward the tribe.

The heaven pillar is one of sacred status in the tribe. Even just touching it, if conducted by a regular person in the tribe, would be reason for punishment.

“Miss YuZhu really is too powerful. As expected of the second genius of our Fire Sparrow Tribe.”

“That’s right. Although the sparring between Miss YuZhu and JiCai (okay, gotta put TL here, it appears the whole tribe might be with the surname 紀 because it was mentioned that YuZhu’s surname is also Ji) did not use martial abilities (武能, I have a feeling that this might be some kinda chi/ki skill), it was a one sided massacre.”

“Pity. What a pity. Miss YuZhu is not only beautiful, she is also very talented in martial arts. Why would she like someone an outsider? I heard that his strength is only 700jin worth, even lower than me.”

“Silence. Keep speaking and Miss YuZhu would beat you up.”

Just as JiLi returned to the tribe, he is able to hear loud noises coming from the dojo (武場, easier to just say dojo since we all know what it means). There was even several miserable cries mixed within, causing even bystanders to be moved.

“Looks like someone’s’ suffering.” Hearing these cries, his face cannot help but twitch. From his understand of YuZhu’s personality, he could probably guess what happened. YuZhu must’ve found the group of hot-blooded youngsters who wanted to change him but instead was met with her inhumane abuses.

Upon approaching the dojo, through the gaps of the crowd he was able to see a valiant girl in red attacking a teenager from the inner group. This girl in red is constantly stepping in to attack whereas the other person can only constantly step back.

“Ahem, let’s enjoy the show first.” JiLi recognize that this girl is YuZhu and being one of the parties involved in the issue, he entered the crowd without hint of hestitation.

Whirr whirr –

As he squeezed through the crowd; a red shadow suddenly passed by him. Then this red shown gently padded the ground and a beautiful long straight leg was raised up high. Graceful movements flowing with the wind, her speed was extremely fast.

As the crowd’s focus is still on that beautiful long straight leg, the owner of that leg has already conducted a beautiful 360degree revolution midair.

The long leg kicked out. Straight as a sword, sweeping across like a whip.


That youngster called JiCai who is fighting YuZhu didn’t even have enough time to react. In a blink, a hot sensation arrived at his face. His body was uncontrollably kicked into the air. With a “pop” sound, he crashed onto the floor, disoriented with a face swollen. He was knocked out.

But YuZhu did not stop. After kicking away her opponent, she walked toward him.

“Crack!” That long leg was raised high again and mercilessly stepped on the body of JiCai. Hearing that crisp sound, it seems that a couple of bones are broken.

“Miss YuZhu, I give up!” That JiCai who was being stepped quickly cried out. His face was pale. It seems that it would take some time for him to recover.

“Haha, anyone else?!” Hearing the declaration of defeat, YuZhu seemed to be very excited at this point putting one hand on her waist while holding a small white fist with the other. Her round eyes glanced through the crowd. Laughing toward the sky: “Hehe, who amongst you all still have something to say about my engagement with brother Li quickly step up. I’m a bit itchy for a fight! I won’t bully you guys, I won’t use my martial abilities!”

“Gulp.” Upon seeing this, everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva, feeling as if their scalps are tingling. While those legs are most certainly very beautiful and pleasing to see, they all know that being stepped on by those legs is not a pleasant experience.

Originally, they thought that, with YuZhu not using martial abilities, they would have a chance of winning. But now, they know that their gap is still huge. This youngster on the group is an individual with 900jin worth of strength and he was totally brutally beaten up.

The nickname “second genius” in hundreds of years of Fire Sparrow Tribe is indeed not false reputation.

“This girl, really violent.” Even JiLi cannot help but gasp. He knows that this kick isn’t light. Even he isn’t certain about being able to take it head on.

“Hehe, nobody right? In the future, if anyone of you guys has any opinions of my engagement with brother Li, just come and talk to me. I don’t mind!” Seeing that no one dared speak out, YuZhu clapped her hands and released JiCai from her legs. Then, she quickly changed her face to one that is full of innocent smile.

“Even this is called not minding?...” Changing faces so fast is enough to startle people. However, after the previous display, her smile cannot help but cause everyone to have a chilling feeling.

Upon seeing to this part, JiLi cannot help but wryly smile. From his understand of YuZhu, he had already expected such a result. Seeing that these inconveniences are mostly solved by YuZhu, he was speculates that there wasn’t a need for him and turned to leave.

“JiLi?” Right at this moment, an outsider youngster recognized JiLi and called out.

“JiLi? He is JiLi!” Upon hearing the name that spread across the tribe, everyone’s attention quickly shifted onto him with a shua shua sound (flashing sound, like pew).

“It seems that I can’t escape after all.” Upon seeing round and rounds of curious or provocative eyes being on him, JiLi cannot help but stiffen up.

End. Chapter 3


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