Slaughter God - Chapter 2 - Destroy and Rebuild

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (火树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)
translated by James

Chapter 2 – Destroy and Rebuild

Having calmed himself, JiLi sat cross legged onto the floor and quietly focuses his psyche within himself.

At this moment, he could use his senses to “see” this mysterious energy. This mysterious energy is currently exuding a faint light, one that which is fascinating yet strange.

Due to his last attempt almost causing him his life, upon “seeing” this mysterious light, his heart cannot help but suddenly beat faster.

However, JiLi is an individual who, upon setting up his mind, will certainly accomplish his task.

He took a deep breath and started impacting the mysterious energy with his psyche. Upon contact with the energy, JiLi’s began feeling a pain so strong as if all his cells are being torn apart. This is a pain that he have never experienced before throughout his two lifetimes. It was so horrible, so painful that his muscles are beginning to bulge up with blood as if about to explode.

To think that this is just the beginning and he is already approaching his limit of pain tolerance; one could imagine how difficult and dangerous it must be to try to attain the energy. This is also the reason why he was unable to resolve himself for such a long time.

Even at this moment, he began to have thoughts of giving up. Only when he thought of what YuZhu was willing to do for him did he determine to continue enduring.


As his psyche and the energy collides within his body, JiLi felt as if his body is an erupting volcano – an eruption so terrible that it will destroy everything in its path. His face turned mighty red with veins popping out and cold sweat running down. He could do nothing but bite his teeth when his consciousness starts to fade.

His perception of the world slowly disappeared. The only thing he feels is the energy within him. He cannot picture the form of it. All he can feel was that power was surging from it.

What he plans to do is to assimilate this power with his body, strengthening it.


Endless pain!

Endless excruciating pain!

This is an ordeal to both JiLi’s body and his mind. He knows that should he ever lose consciousness he might never wake up again. As such, he is trying extremely hard to endure the suffering.

“Must endure!” JiLi constantly reminds himself.

His body has been dripping with so much sweat; it seemed as if poured by a rainstorm. The color of his face turned mighty pale as if he was dead. His fist clenched so tight, nails have impaled into his skin staining his fist red with blood. He is doing his utmost to keep his consciousness alive.

If he could endure, there’s a chance of transformation (power up). If he fails chances are he’ll be dead. So no matter how painful, JiLi cannot give up.

After enduring for an hour, with a faint explosive sound, a ray of light flew out of the mysterious sphere of light. This ray of light quickly transverse his body causing his blood to boil, meridians to melt and twist, and bones to crack.


At the limit of his endurance, feeling as if his body is about to be torn to pieces, JiLi cannot help but let out an extremely painful roar.

“Am I to die?” Feeling as his body is no longer his, JiLi cannot help but wonder. His fists slowly began to gradually uncontrollably open and when they open completely, he will likely say his farewells to this world.

It was at this moment, a figure appeared in his mind. It wasn’t YuZhu. It was someone whom he never wants to remember.

“No!” Out of nowhere JiLi attained a surge of energy and suddenly clenched his fist again.

After a long while, feeling that his bodily responses gradually subside, JiLi collapses onto the ground.

Silence instantly returned to Fire Sparrow Lake. Even the fish in the lake seemed to be holding their breath as if waiting for something.

Time slowly passes.


Suddenly, a hoarse and painful growl broke the silence. JiLi awakened and stood up from the ground.
At this moment, he felt as if his psyche has just gone to hell and back. With a move, all the muscles and bones within his body gave off a crisp cracking sound.

“I survived?” JiLi shockingly looked at his body.

“It was way too dangerous this time. I was almost unable to endure.” Upon remembering the previous situation, he is still very scared. Especially after he collapsed; he thought it was certain death.

But he survived!

Upon inspection, he was pleasantly shocked. It seemed that his power have increased a lot.

“Let’s test it out.” Gripping his fist, he stood up and punched a black wooden stake beside him.

That black wooden stake broke apart. Half of the wood landed into the sand whereas the rest splattered on his skin, causing him pain.

“This black wooden stake is constructed using hard black ironwood. It requires over 900jin worth of strength to break it apart. I suspect my power should be around 1000jin.” Seeing this, JiLi is first stunned and then in ecstasy. He did not think that his strength would jump from 700jin directly to 1000jin, the pinnacle of low tier strength (original: strength condition/level) .

This also means that once he crossed the last step he would reach a new territory .

It should be noted that even YuZhu, the one known as the “second genius” of Fire Sparrow Tribe, have only recently reached mid tier stage (能境層, able condition stage, I am unsure about the wording yet because the author did not list explicitly how many stages there are, will change to better wording once known). In the whole tribe, there exists but a handful of people who reached mid tier level. Within his age group, it is only YuZhu.

Of course, even JiLi knows that the last step is the hardest. Countless amounts of people have been stuck at the pinnacle of low tier strength.

“Huh? I felt as if my mental strength also increased a lot.” Upon checking, JiLi found that his five senses have become much clearer. Even his psyche increased in strength.

Psyche is something that he only found out after coming to this world. In the past, he could control the psyche to stimulate the mysterious light in his body. Now, the psyche have increased in strength, he did not know what else it is capable of.

“Whatever, things worked out great. If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve tried it sooner and maybe I would’ve been stronger than that girl already.” JiLi smiles readily

“Chances are, I haven’t completely absorbed the energy that I obtained from the mysterious light. With the energy, I should be able to break through and enter mid tier territory!” JiLi still isn’t satisfied. He wants to be stronger. He wants to be stronger than YuZhu. He wants to be the strongest in the tribe and stop the segregation between the inner and outer groups.

“Maybe I could even…” He could not help but think of the event that happened a few years ago and the figure of the person that appeared in his mind a while ago. But, he quickly shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

None of these thoughts was realistic before but now they’re not impossible.

“I suspect that I have only absorbed one-thousandth of the energy contained in the mysterious light. To think that I would have such an improvement.” Upon inspecting his current power level, he can imagine that he would reach a terrifying level should be absorb all the energy.

Unfortunately, the process of absorbing the energy is way too dangerous. Just absorbing one-thousandth of the power it had have almost killed him. He did not dare to continue.

Haste makes waste.

“Come slowly, first break through the pinnacle of low tier.” After inhaling a deep breath, JiLi suppresses those impulses.

Seeing that it was late, he prepared to return to the tribe.

“Right.” He suddenly remembered the engagement ordeal. Shaking his head with a wry smile: “With that chick’s popularity in the tribe; it’ll be troublesome this time.”

End. Chapter 2


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