Slaughter God - Chapter 1 - Youngster

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (火树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)
translated by James

Chapter 1 – Youngster

“Unbelievable, Miss YuZhu (her name means Rain Bamboo), the number one beauty of our Fire Sparrow Tribe, publicly announced that she’s having a marriage engagement with the outsider JiLi.”

“Say what? Miss YuZhu is the genius of our tribe. For centuries we have not have someone like her. How could this foreign brat be good enough a match for her?”

“With so many talents in our tribe and not to mention that she’s the daughter of the tribal chief, how could she be in an engagement with that outsider?”

“Where is this JiLi? I will fight him. I’ll show Miss YuZhu that I’m a better match than him for her!”

“You? Chances are before you even reach JiLi, you’ll be beaten by Miss YuZhu already. I’ve heard that she’s very fond of him.”


On this day, the Fire Sparrow Tribe opened its nest.

Who is Miss YuZhu? She’s the daughter of the Fire Sparrow Tribe’s chief, the number one beauty and the number one genius amongst the younger generation. Almost all the younger males in the tribe fell for her. Her reputation has even spread to the nearby tribes, causing an influx of people to try to win her heart.

Who is JiLi? No one knows!

However, this heavenly girl suddenly publicly announced her engagement to this unknown outsider.

Although her father, the chief, still did not acknowledge it, the explosive news of her engagement have spread across the whole Fire Sparrow Tribe.

Upon hearing the news, countless young men’s dreams are crushed, countless talented men’s lives darkened. All their anger naturally came pouring down on this foreign brat JiLi.

In a tribal of thousands, hundreds of young men wanted to see what this JiLi is about and are actively searching for JiLi for a duel.

Evening. The sleepy yellow sun, like a drunkard, slowly crooked away towards the western mountains.

Twilight falls in the Fire Sparrow Lake located in the forest not far from the Fire Sparrow Tribe gleaming the river with a gorgeous shine.

Combined with the rows of red reflections of the forest, this great lake was beautifully decorated.

Although it’s a beautiful scenery, there rarely existed people who appreciate it.

At this point there is only a youngster in yellow lying on the coarse grass by the lake lazily chewing a straw. His hands holding the back of the head, humming an unknown song, with a preoccupied appearance.

“What sadness…”

This youngster is none but JiLi who just attained the whole wrath of the Fire Sparrow Tribe. However, as the main character of the event, he is not really excited being favored by the number one beauty. Instead, there’s a faint melancholy look on his face.

Yes, for other youngsters this would be a great news. But it only made him distressed.

“As they said women change eighteen times growing older (it’s a Chinese saying), the cute and obedient loli of my childhood turned into a big royal sister and even advanced up to a queen’s level. Fait accompli! She declared right away that she’ll be engaged to me….” JiLi muttered while looking at the clear sky.

(Fait accompli is a French saying meaning a thing that has already happened or been decided before those affected hear about it, leaving them with no option but to accept. It is the equivalent to the chinese saying that was used. I can't find a English term for the same thing so I had to settle for the French term.)

As a person who crossed to this strange world with memories intact. Being born to the Fire Sparrow Tribe of the wild, he was looking at JiLi through a young adult’s viewpoint growing up.
(what?! This story is a tensei type story?!)

He vaguely remembers that when he was about six years old, that courageous loli had declared “If one can’t conquers the river’s lake, how could one ever conquer the world” and then proceeding to drown in the lake. In a blink of an eye, a decade has pass. As for the latter’s growth changes, he felt saddened.

Thinking that it is partially due to him, the word ‘karma’ came into his mind.

Yes, many of YuZhu’s ideas were taught by him. Ideas such as gender equality and everyone being free to pursue their love… as a result, she is now courageously pursuing her love.

“What to do now?” JiLi at this point is starting to get headaches.

As for YuZhu, since they have been together since childhood, he too cannot deny that he’s not attracted to her.

But in this world where strength dominants, his strength is far from being talented. Not to mention that YuZhu is known as the “second genius” of the Fire Sparrow Tribe. Without doubt, once he accepted the engagement, there will be countless people issuing challenges against him. While YuZhu would protect him, he does not want to forever be a person that is being protected by his wife.

A man being protected by a woman? That’s a very sad topic.

“Strength…” hearts entangled, JiLi slightly sighed.

It’s been fifteen years since his rebirth. Gradually, he began to have a better understanding of this world.

Vast mountains, ancient forests, great rivers, strongmen, fiery beasts… this world is one of chaos with tribes fighting for supremacy.

The Fire Sparrow Tribe is located in a region southwest to a barren. It is said to be a very old tribe but with the current three thousand or so tribal members, it could only be regarded as a small tribe.

In this dangerous great barren, the greatest threat to humanity are the fierce beasts.

Fierce beast is a very powerful beast. However, not all beasts could be called fierce beast for even the weakest of the fierce beast could cause massive damage to a small tribe. In addition, when a tribe kills a fierce beast, it is qualified to gain a class title. For example, Fire Sparrow Tribe have once killed a low level fierce beast and gained the rights to call itself lowest tier tribe. (末族)

There are many a powerful tribes controlling the great barren. In general, every accomplished tribe will have a totem made of ironwood. All the fiery beasts that the tribe hunted down will be hanged on the totem signifying strength and glory while gaining respect of other tribes.

In such a world without laws, cold cruel strength dominates.

The Fire Sparrow Tribe is separated into the inner group and the outer group. The inner group gains access to everything first; including pills (pills that help one get stronger) and martial arts books. As for the outer group, where JiLi is part of, their status is much much lower. They pretty much have nothing.

This also led to JiLi being weak even though he have memories of his past life.

“If I ever gain strength, I would first repeal the segregation of inner and outer groups!” JiLi helplessly thought.
Initially, he felt that being reborn to this world was worthwhile. He wanted to make a name for himself in this new world and even thought of some lofty ideas like building a peaceful world for human development.

But reality is cruel. Without pills or martial arts books, not to mention that he didn’t really have the talent, no matter how hard he tried he never managed to get stronger. Over time he gave up.

Without parents, he have been living by for the past fifteen years. He have always been muddling along and constantly having delusions that he does not belong to this world. Until today, when YuZhu publicly announced her engagement to him did he start feeling alive again. This brought him back to the world that he is in.

“Why even bother…” JiLi sat up on the ground, looking a little desolate.

In reality, even he vaguely understood the meanings of the engagement. YuZhu was willing to sacrifice herself to allow him to enter the inner group where he could gain various privileges and attain strength.

But with his personality, how would he ever accept such a method?


At this moment, in JiLi’s heart was a little struggle. Taking a deep breath. He vented himself by punching a wooden practice stake by the river. A burning sensation follows.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Afterward, he stood with his legs open and started punching the wooden practice stake. The sound of his hand hitting the stake is like a flow of water but if one listens carefully one will notice that he is hitting the stake with a certain rhythm.

This was a method that he found out by practice. The rhythm helped him conserve energy while building up strength. After he practiced it with his friends, it have shown that he indeed gain strength a bit faster than his peers.

This is one of the advantages retaining his memories from his previous life – being more mature allowed him to comprehend better than his peers.

However, this wasn’t enough to close the gaps between the inner and outer groups. While he attained the status of the leader of the outer group, he is still considerably weaker than the leader of the inner group.

Currently, he have 700jin worth of strength. At the age of 15, he could even be a strongman in his previous life. Pity though that the people in the inner group all have strength greater than 700jin. YuZhu is even able to breakthrough a higher realm and is much more powerful than him.

“Strength! Living without strength in this world really sucked!” JiLi grasp his fists tightly, feeling furious within.

Currently with his knowledge of the realm: strength, ability and chi(energy)….. he is still at the lowest tier. It is said that the power of those at the upmost is off the charts and beyond one’s imagination.


Right at this moment, a mysterious light flashed across him.

“Right….” JiLi remembered something. (don’t know how to reword this. Dude’s lightbulb flashed)

Around starting two years ago, he vaguely felt a different surge of energy inside his body. This surge of energy is quite strong. He suspects that it might be something that he accidentally swallowed as he came to this world.

“Should I really use this energy?” thinking of this, JiLi even started getting goosebumps. He even trembled a bit.

When he first discovered the energy, he even tried touching it with his psyche. Upon touching it, he was brought to extreme pain like his body being split apart. Having tried it once, he didn’t dare try it again.

But he have a hunch. He thought that if he could absorb this energy… even if just a bit, it would certainly be beneficial.

Of course, he also knows that it is very dangerous and could likely kill him.

With opportunities, dangers.

JiLi is nervous and hesitating.

“Just for this chick, guess I have to put my life on the line.” Thinking about her face and all the stuff they did together, JiLi bites his teeth, gather all his strength and punched the wooden stake. He eyesight gradually becoming steady.

Originally, he have forgotten about the energy. It wasn’t until today did he remembered it again because only today did he thought that there are things more important than one’s life.

JiLi have a premonition that someone like YuZhu would not be tied to such a small tribe. If he didn’t have much luck, chances are he’ll be spending the rest of his life here. Seeing as how YuZhu treats him, he most certainly can’t be a baggage to her.

Furthermore, there have always been a shadow in his heart that requires an increase in strength to remove.

“If you cannot be free. If you cannot realize yourself. If you cannot even protect those around you. Then what meaning is there to being alive. I’ve already died once, what is there to be afraid of? This world is different from the previous world. Everything is based on strength. Without strength, there is nothing. Like now when YuZhu asked for an engagement, because he’s weak he cannot even accept it.”

All these thoughts intertwined into one word –

Fight! (I really want to put “**** it!” here since I felt this would be a better English term)

A decision has been made.

Instead of spending his mediocre life like this, might as well give it his all and fight one last time.

Of course, he still didn’t know the complications that this engagement decision will bring forth. If he did, maybe he won’t need such hesitation in the first place.

End. Chapter 1.


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