Slaughter God - Chapter 0 - Prologue

Slaughter God (屠神) by HuoShuGaGa (火树嘎嘎) (Cracking Of Tree On Fire)
translated by James

Chapter 0 – Prologue.

Vast mountains, great rivers, ancient forests.

This vast and boundless land is full of wonders.

There are huge birds that could travel a distance of a million li (a Chinese mile, 500 meters) a day, giant beasts capable of burning down a city with but a sound and masters who could split mountains with their sword.

Men and beasts, in constant strife.

Rumors has it that there are mysterious gods, worshipped by both men and beasts, controlling the world from above.

This seemed to have always existed, difficult to be changed.

Until tonight, where the rushing rivers no longer flow, the bright moon and stars no longer shine, the constant changing clouds stopped moving. None but darkness and silence.

The calm before the storm.

As time went by, as the night falls, the pressure in the air decreases causing breathing to become difficult.


Suddenly, a cry rang down from the sky breaking the heavy silence. It sounded across the land and shook the earth. All the creatures felt a deep shiver from their mind and soul.


It’s like the sky is being torn apart. A golden light appeared in the sky. Its brightness submerged all the clouds. The sky is dyed gold.

Drip drip drip…..

Golden liquid falls from the sky. Like rain and snow, it sprinkled upon the boundless earth. The golden liquid gave off a beautiful shine.

Miracles, miracles!

Across the land, frightened beasts are lying on the ground. Humans, ignorant of the cause, came out of their homes and started worshiping the sky, presenting their utmost devotion.

It was at this moment, a young man shoots up toward the golden crack. He opens his palm, allowing the golden liquid to accumulate in his hands.

After some time, he looked upon the sky with his dark eyes, his face bursting with a smile.

No one saw his laugh, nor will they understand his laugh.

Even though no one saw this young man, the night remained in the hearts of the people. Many years later, people still remembered this miraculous night with the golden brilliance.

However, few knew...

That there was no miracle that night. Only that one of their worshiped god died.

That shock across the earth was caused by the slaughter of god.

That golden light rain was the god’s blood.

End Prologue.


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