Regarding Slaughter God

I was informed that the author of Slaughter God dropped the novel at 200 chapters (I initially thought it ended in 200 chapters but it appeared that the author ended it with a cliffhanger.) As such, I will likely be working on a new project and slowly down my release of Slaughter God to 1-2 chapters a week and the new project (I still haven't figure out which yet) to 2-3 chapters a week. Thanks guy.

I will likely be working on 莽荒纪 (Period of Chaos?) by I Eat Tomatos (我吃西红柿).


  1. Dope it IMO. It's going to be way worse for us if we really get into it then it just ends on a cliffhanger. IET novel sounds awesome!

  2. I have a favor :) can you give us a Synapsios of the story? also are you going to continue ST? please say yes to both and i agree drop slaughter god especially if the author ends it like that at the end all your readers will be annoyed thanks your awesome :)

  3. I say drop it.. the more you get into something and then left hanging.. the worse it is.. better to drop now.. cuz no matter the story is incomplete.. I hope you stick with helping translate stellar transformation or help with douluo dalu because I absolutely love that series lol

    1. I agree with Roy Both Douluo Dalu and Stellar are definitely at the top i "Hope" you focus on ST quite a bit but thats up to you and if you start translating the Period of chaos please give a synopsis

  4. sad to hear that. but i do agree that stopping early when readers are not addicted yet would be best. even more so when you yourself are hesitating and not motivated enough to continue it.

    highly appreciate you hard work so far. thank you and looking forward to your next choice of novel :D

  5. q__q but slaughter God story seemed so appealing

  6. i don't feel that you should drop it and just doing 1-2 chapters a week is fine but if you have no other option and HAVE to drop it i think Roy and Steven are right that you should help with stellar transformations or douluo dalu (i vote for douluo dalu!)