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The translation of My Father in Law is Lu Bu is moved to this site


I am joining Gamer's group as he has the copyright permission to do translations from Qidian

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Lu Bu Chapter 175

Lu Bu Chapter 175 or Chapter 178 from raw and Gamer's translation

Chapter 175

Lu Bu Chapter 174

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Chapter 174 or Chapter 177 in Gamer's translation

I promise to catch up with his MTL soon enough and will continue until the end.

Just look forward for some additional chapters courtesy by me as promised before by me and Krayto


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Here it is, Chapter 173 or Chapter 176 in Gamer's translation

PS: Gamer is following the exact chapter in the raw, while I am numbering the chapters as per the appearance in the raw, for example, author wrote chapter 49, and he suddenly jumped into chapter 51

I have been searching that missing chapter 50 anywhere, and even ask the author. The author simply said, he forgot the order of the chapter he is writing. Goddamn. So, mine is using my own numbering. Sorry for the confusion

So, everyone, sorry again for the hassle and I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!



First of all, guys. I am sorry for taking so long, I have been preoccupied with RL with Master study, working, and other real time shits. Right now, I present Liu Mang's backstory, completely written by me, bloodfalcon. This backstory will help to serve as a guidelines for his sudden growth in intelligence etc etc and I also throw in the background of the time travel CD which comes out of someone's ass and then missing in another people's ass. Please enjoy it guys

Liu Mang's Backstory